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"Marcus is well versed at tissue manipulation and several therapies to help with all kinds of ailments from low back pain, bursitis, sports therapy and deep tissue massage. He's professional, intuitive, and can help with all kinds of sports related issues."

Eric D. , Weightlifter


"Marcus is simply amazing! As a Chiropractor, I really appreciate the quality of work he puts into his craft. Marcus has amazing techniques in bodywork and is very knowledgeable about many different conditions related to pain and the overall function of the human body. His skills transcend many massage therapists I have experienced personally because of his knowledge. I often send many of my patients to him because I can trust him to do a good job. I always hear great feedback from everybody I send to him.I could not recommend a more professional, humble, skilled bodyworker in Santa Cruz."

Dylan M. , Chiropractor


"I have been seeing Marcus McDonough for several months now, and I am a huge fan.  As a runner and now cyclist who sits most of the day for work, I have found that my hips and back are tight.  Marcus began working on me to help with my hips, and explained the physics of what was going on with me sitting constantly.  Our first few sessions he stretched me using gentle (but not easy!!) fascial stretch therapy.  As I started loosening up, we have had a few massage sessions, which have also really helped me loosen up.  On top of feeling better physically, I enjoy talking to Marcus and being in his very relaxed and caring presence.  Go see him!!"

Katie H. , Cyclist & Runner


"I went to see Marcus because of a horrible lower back pain after a gnarly triathlon race. I had sport massages before, but let me tell you, this guy knows his stuff. After that one session my pain and stiffness had significantly subsided. He customizes the use of different techniques (he does myofascial release, deep tissue and facilitated stretching among others) to your specific needs. If you are serious about your training, you already know the benefits (and the need!) of a good sport massage: better range of motion and flexibility, faster recovery times, less soreness, etc. but what I like the most about Marcus is his holistic approach to well-being. He educated me on the need of self-care to prevent injuries, gave me some really cool stretches and exercises for my problem and some Self-Myofascial Release Routines to do at home. I can't say enough good things about Marcus. Go see him, you won't be disappointed."

Claudia T. , Triathlete



Having hyper mobility coupled with a long standing hip/psoas injury from ballet my body has endured extreme pain and confusion. Through my healing process I have surveyed an immense ratio of practitioners and Marcus's technique is truly remedial. He applies a somatic tonic to the mechanical and thus cellular infrastructures of the body.  It's exactly what one needs throughout the restorative process. Intuitive, intelligent and virtuous in his care, Marcus has proven to be the most effective healer I have had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the restorative functions aided me in gaining greater understanding of my own physical properties.  This I found imperative as a movement practitioner. I would recommend him to anyone truly seeking effective body work. Thank you for your passion and care, your fearlessness and humor! Truly a pleasure."
Shara F. , Dancer


"Marcus is gifted. With extensive experience with Kung Fu, he's brought his knowledge of energy flow and body mechanics together to create a genuinely healing practice. After just one session with him, an intense pain my right wrist was 75% healed, and the rest of my body was just as happy."

Jason L. , Fire Performance Artist

"Marcus is an amazing therapist! I've been receiving deep tissue massage and myofascia release therapy from him at his Los Gatos location (BodyFirm) for chronic low back and hip problems. He is exceptionally  knowledgeable and intuitive of release points for tension and pain. I've gotten other members of my family going to see him as well & recommended him to friends. I have been able to continue my exercise and hiking discipline because of his attention - very highly recommended!"    

Joan C. , Avid Hiker 

Marcus McDonough, Certified Massage Therapist #52662. Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. Life Stretch Instructor.


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